Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {May 5th}

I almost didn't participate this week. The horse show was yesterday and it was fun but totally exhausting, I have over 2,000 images to process! I also had a session with the sweetest 3 month old on Friday so my work's cut out for me. However I did just take a walk in my neighborhood park and met the cutest little girl (that quite reminded me of myself when I was her age) which totally inspired me and so here we are.

From my session with Kason who just turned 3 months! Can't wait to show more from this session soon.

Spotted or Dots
One of my favorite pairs of jeans, they are polka dotted!

The little girl's dad was flying a kite when I was in the park. She had lost interest and went looking for bugs but he was determined to get that kite going. It's super cloudy and windy today so he was pretty successful.

Of course a horse show picture was going to end up here. Shame on you for thinking otherwise! This was during one of the first walk/trot classes of the day. 

This is Austin, the little girl in the park I made friends with today. She asked me if I had a best friend, I told her I did. She said, "Well we are best friends now." So that's that apparently. 


  1. The little girl on the horse is an amazing shot, and your new friend - adorable.

  2. "Sweet" is priceless, but "Motion" is a very close second. Very nicely captured. Have a blessed week.


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