Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fox Five Photo Challenge!

I'm so excited to be doing the Fox Five Photo Challenge for the very first time! While you're reading this, I'm currently shooting my very first horse show and I can't wait till I can come home and see all the pretty pictures you guys took! Without further ado...

I love feathers! I have tons of feather earrings and feather hair clips. These are my favorite feathered earrings currently.

I've had this amethyst since I was a little girl and found it on an overnight stay in Mt. Charleston. It's one of my most treasured things simply because of the nostalgia it holds.

If you expected anything other then a Starbucks picture then you should probably know better by now.

I had to use an old one here since my camera took so long to get back from cleaning (and it's still not even clean so I'll need to find a new place) however this may be my favorite picture from my trip to Oregon in February. 

I tried out this new cheesy gnocchi recipe off pinterest and it was really good! I think I might use my grandma's secret recipe for sauce next time to make it top notch!

How did you like the first edition of the photo challenge? Any suggestions on what you would like to see different? 

I would love for you guys to send me suggestions for future prompts! The linky will be open for the next few days so make sure and link up!

Next weeks prompts are:

1. High Heels
2. Love
3. Music
4. Sassy
5. Books

Also, if you're wondering how I took such bright and clear pictures, check out this tutorial I wrote about early for a DIY Lightbox!

Mocha Fox

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  1. Awesome! Really gotta try that Light Box!
    I looooove photo challenges - especially with prompts! But since I'm busy busy busy 5 prompts here as well as SHS is a bit too big a challenge for me :( But I try to make it some Saturday!


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