Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It is 1 am here and I just finished editing the 2,000 pictures from the horse show. I... am... exhausted. I don't even have time to relax and be proud of myself just yet. I still need to get all the show pictures up on the proofing site and I can't do that till I receive the list of riders (hopefully I'll be getting that first thing in the morning). I also still need to finish editing the images from my 3 month session, I need to clean and get things in order for Kris's arrival on Wednesday night (I'm sooo excited to see my boyfriend!), I still need to finish my last school project before the 12th when the semester wraps up, and I need to prepare for a shoot on Saturday! It's never ending and my brain can't shut down. It doesn't help that my  window of time to finish all this is so small but I'm determined to get everything done in time so I can enjoy my boyfriend's visit. Oh, did I mention that the day he leaves... I'll be joining him at the airport and hopping a plane myself to Tulsa, Ok to see my family? My dad's not doing very well, he possibly has lymphoma, and we are still awaiting results to see the course of action. My job while I'm out there will be riding my mother's horses of course.

Since I did accomplish such a big task, my lovely readers get to see a few pictures from the horse show before the riders do! These are just a few of my favorites...

There were so many amazingly talented riders and gorgeous horses, watching them all got me pumped to build up the courage to start seriously considering competing myself for the next show! If you are ever looking for an amazing place to start riding in the Las Vegas area then you really need to come check out our barn, Hunter's Edge. My trainer (and owner) Denise is a badass when it comes to riding and it's been great learning there. Thank you again Denise for giving me the opportunity to photograph this show! I love my barn family!


  1. You've captured the horse and riders beautifully!!
    Horses were a major part of my life for over twenty years. :)


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