Thursday, May 30, 2013

Giving Sammydress a second chance.

*This review is entirely based on my own purchasing experiences. I was NOT compensated in any way.

Some of you might already be familiar with the online shopping store that is Sammydress. You can find thousands of clothing from this store pinned on Pinterest or Wanelo because not only are the clothes cute, they are soooo cheap. I bought a shirt from them over a year ago and was highly disappointed. Not only did it have a weird smell but it looked nothing like what I ordered. I vowed to never shop there again.

Then I recently came across a new review for Sammydress who had a positive experience. I looked at the website again, they added a new feature where people who have purchased a product can review it (although I have a feeling that they delete the bad reviews..). I decided to give them another shot. I bought two items, a shirt and a maxi dress.

First, the shirt. This is what I ordered, in green.

This is what I received.

First off... it's blue. Not green. I actually didn't mind the color since it was still pretty but still... Not what I ordered. What I can't get past is those damn sleeves. What the heck is going on with those? It's pretty badly made and super unflattering. Those seams... I mean seriously. Basically someone sewed those sleeves on top of a tank top instead of it all being one piece... That looks nothing like what I ordered. So the first item was a total bust.

The second purchase, a purple maxi dress. This is what I ordered.

This is the dress I received.

I put this dress on and instantly loved it. I love the fabric, silky and smooth which I prefer over cotton maxis. It looked exactly like what I ordered. Unfortunately the moment I tried it on, the halter strap broke! I was so upset that the only clothing that I liked I couldn't even wear! Then I enlisted the help of my grandmother who fixed it with a much stronger thread, so the dress was redeemed.

I seriously love this dress, it's my new favorite. I wore it out to my friends house and everyone (I mean everyone) said I looked like Daenerys from Game of Thrones and called me Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons for the rest of the night. To say that I'm thrilled with this would be an understatement. The purple color is so pretty and flattering. This dress is really forgiving and slimming. The bottom could probably be hemmed, it is pretty long but I'm also very petite. 

Looking for my dragons...

So to review, the shirt was badly made and didn't look like what I ordered nor was it the right color. The dress was amazing but needed some fixing up due to poor sewing.

All in all, Samydress can be a great experience. I paid $21 for both items and that included shipping. You have to be extremely careful on what you buy though. Make sure you read the reviews by people who have purchased the item you're interested in. Remember that most of their clothing comes only in "free size" which usually means small or medium. Be selective and just keep a realistic expectation on what you're buying.


  1. Visiting from the Lovely Blog Hop, love this purple dress on you! Thanks for the review, going to have to checkout this store :) Now following!

    xo, Ainslee

  2. Hi! I just found your blog over at Olive and Ivy and decided to pay you a visit. I am so excited to read this review because I recently purchased some stuff from Sammy dress and I was pretty nervous about it because it was my first time buying stuff from their website. I had intended on buying it at but their shoe sizes were too small, so my second option was sammydress as they have very similar clothing. I hope to have a pleasant experience with them since I am a first time customer AND because the stuff that I bought is for a wedding, so fingers crossed!

    Your dress is beautiful! I am glad you had a better experience with them this time around.

    Thanks so much for this review. I am planning on buying from them a second time, but the next time I will be sure to read the reviews of the stuff that I am purchasing.

    Anyway, I am bookmarking and following your blog :)


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