Friday, May 3, 2013

Nurture Photography {Ivory/Dream}

Good news, I got my camera back last night. Bad news, I was stretched for time for the challenge (since my camera was gone all week) and so I only managed to do dream right before a client shoot. However, I totally love it. I'm allergic to grass and my entire body is still itchy even after rinsing off but it was worth it for this shot of yours truly.

Nurture Photography Challenge - Spring 2013 Edition


  1. Gorgeous! Thank you for putting yourself in harms way for such a beautiful shot! Grass can def be deadly haha

    xoxo Rachael

  2. Wow, never heard of an allergy to grass before, but this photo is stunning. Awesome connection!

    1. Yes, it's so annoying! It didn't start until I was in middle school which is odd. My skin gets very itchy and gets weird red marks wherever it touches grass but I can walk barefoot with no issue. It's very odd.

  3. I have the same, whenever I lay in grass my skin gets covered in red spots.

  4. Very unfortunate that you get reactions to grass, but this photo is absolutely gorgeous!

    Kathryn x

  5. Oh, this is lovely! Love the pop in the eyes and the connection. Hope your skin has calmed down since the shot. :( Thanks so much for sharing with us in the Nurture Photography Challenge. Can't wait to see what you come up with for our new theme: Pink/Home.

  6. I love this! So beautiful! I can't imagine being allergic to grass- that must be quite the challenge but so glad you took the risk. I often come home from my selfie shoots with rashes of sorts, haha. This week the hay field cut my legs. ;) Oh, the things we do for photos...


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